We provide a wide range of comprehensive, strength-based assessments. In our experience, people can be apprehensive about having psychoeducational or other kinds of assessments completed, largely because of fears of labeling, identifying weaknesses, and a general feeling that assessments are only conducted if something is "wrong" with them for their children.

Dr. Macdonald and his team aim to identify strengths through a collaborative assessment process that includes collecting information from a range of sources.

We strive to create a comfortable environment, since we know that people tend to perform best when they are challenged within a comfortable and accepting environment.

A standard psychological/ psychoeducational assessment can take on many appearances and can vary depending on the needs of a specific client. Costs associated with assessment can be found under the             tab.

An assessment typically includes an intake meeting, the administration of standardized assessments, gathering information from relevant third parties (teachers, physicians, etc.), informal assessment, and a feedback interview in which we share the information we have collected and interpreted, along with the most important part – discussion of easy to implement but highly effective strategies to help with growth and enhancing performance. Every client is provided with personalized strategies that will be easy to implement and evaluate.

The assessment sessions are tailored to the client, with most sessions not exceeding 90 minutes, with most assessments requiring 2-3 sessions. 


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