We provide a range of counselling services, with a focus on:

* children
* adolescents
* young adults
* parents

Issues we provide support with include:

* learning and attention (including Learning Disabilities and ADHD)
* academic and/ or social frustration,
* anxiety
* depression
* parent-child & sibling conflict,
* other areas related to psychosocial development
* “complex-gifted/ twice-exceptional" learners

We make every effort to ensure that the counselling relationship is comfortable for everyone. One of our first tasks will be to collaborate on goals for our work. Once we have developed these goals, we will discuss how the appropriate services will be helpful. Our goal is to make our professional relationship one in which you receive the maximum benefit possible. We will be able to discuss any of your assumptions, problems, hopes, and aspirations of our work together. 

Suite 320, 1167 Kensington Crescent NW, Calgary, Alberta



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