*What makes some people persevere when under stress, while others struggle?
Do you look social situations with fear or with hopeful anticipation? Do you feel
that your abilities are rarely aligned with your performance? Do you fear
evaluation? Do you get fired up in competitive situations, or do you tend to try
to avoid conflict?

* The Mental Toughness Questionnaire (MTQPlus) is an evidence-based, norm-
based assessment that provides detailed, individual data that helps us
understand ways in which we are mentally tough and others in which we may be
more mentally sensitive.

*The MTQPlus is NOT similar to the Myers-Briggs or other forms of informal
personality assessment; rather, the MTQ Plus is a well-researched instrument,
cited in over 80 peer-reviewed publications that provides specific profiles and
tangible strategies that serve to enhance performance in a variety of domains,
including academic achievement, athletic competition, fine arts performances,
professional development, and many other areas.

*You will receive both a coaching and a development report, along with a 1:1
feedback session designed around your specific profile


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Mental Toughness Explanatory Note - Young People (PDF)