Parent Workshops

Dr. Macdonald and his team are happy to
provide informative and engaging presentations for parent groups. Some topics
we have presented upon include, but are not limited to:
- Screentime challenges in school-aged students.
- Anxiety in preteens, tweens, and young adults: What it is and what to do.
- Positive psychology in parenting relationships.
- Non-suicidal self-injury in children and adolescents.
- 25 things kids with ADHD wished their parents knew.
- ADHD/ Learning Disabilities and anxiety
- Relating with gifted/ complex-exceptional learners.
- Healthy Sleep Habits for children and adolescents.
- Emotional Regulation in children and adolescents
- A parent’s guide to psychological assessment.
- Psychological health in elementary and secondary school.
- Kids who underachieve at school.
- Relational Aggression/ Bullying in elementary and secondary school populations.
- Developmental features of adolescence


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