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During the assessment process, your clinician may recommend additional observations or testing based on the information received. They will provide an explanation of their reasoning and estimated fees, but your consent will be required before proceeding.



A full psychoeducational assessment is designed for clients who wish to learn more about their learning profile, along with any special areas of strengths or barriers to learning. A full assessment typically includes investigating capacities in the following areas:

     - Intellectual/ Cognitive Functioning
     - Academic Achievement (reading, writing, math)
     - Social/ Emotional Functioning
       (anxiety, depression, social skills/ engagement)
     - Behavioural Functioning
       (impulse control, emotional regulation, etc.)
     - Executive Functions
      (attention , planning, focus, impulse control, etc.)

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Full Psychoeducational Assessment

Ages 5 years and older: $4000
Discount: 10% for siblings when assessed within the same calendar year

Ages 6 years and older: $4200

Includes the full Psychoeducational Assessment as above, excluding the school observation.
Intake, all testing and feedback on same day
Written report within 2-4 weeks

Includes the full Psychoeducational Assessment as above, plus:
          - Career interest, values, and skills assessment
          - Individual 30 minute feedback interview to review results of assessment
           - One hour follow-up consultation about optimal career options, along with                             development of a post-secondary plan (programs, schools, etc.)

Full Psychoeducational Assessment plus
Post-Secondary / Career Planning Assessment & Consultation

Ages 16 years and older: $4200

- Intake meeting

 - Data scoring and interpretation

- Feedback interview

- Report writing

- Written report within 4 - 6 weeks

- Permission to follow up at 12 and 36 months

- School observations are encouraged in some instances 
         (additional costs may apply)

- Follow-up session within 2 months
         (parents can book at time of feedback, no later than 8 weeks
           from the date the report is sent)

- File review

- Testing (cognitive, academic, social-emotional/behavioural, etc.)

- approximately 4-8 client hours, onsite, spread across a few days 

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